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Who Am I? 

Take  a  look at these photos from the Lenni Heights Fire Compan'y 25th anniversary celebration held in 1949.  Do you recongize anyone here?  If so, please email us a name associated wih the number on the photos. You can email us at
​​Here is who has been identified so far:​​

Number Name
5 Mrs. Bill (Betty) Hayes
6 Bill Hayes
7 Mrs. Pres (Marion) Lawrence
8 Pres Lawrence
12 Thomas Scheivert
13 Mrs. Thmas (Elsie) Scheivert
22 Lewis Bonsall
23 Mrs. James (Delphine) Galloway
24 James (Jimmie) Galloway
28 Ralph Pierce
29 Mrs. Ralph (Evelyn) Pierce
32 Father Martin
40 Dave Turner
42 Ray Manual 
43 Mrs. Ray Manual
44 Francis (Mort) Manual
45 Pat Manual (Jack McKeown) or Jack Manual ( Joe Farah)
46 Jessie Ewing
47 Ralph Laxton (has no number)
55 Bill Mellon
56 Walter Emmott.
57 Mrs. Walter (Miriam) Emmott.
64 Thomas Butler Sr. 
66 Eb Weathers
74 Marie Pennell
83 Mary Ahearn
84 Joey Ahearn 
85 Tommy Ahearn, Jr. (son)
86 Tommy Ahearn, Sr. (father)
87 Raymond Schievert
88 Mrs. Raymond (Marge) Scheivert
92 Louis Scheivert
93 Mrs. Louis Scheivert
109 Mrs. Walter Wetherill
110 Walter Wetherill (think that was his name, he is Larry Wetherill's brother)
123 Bernard (Pat) Burke
124 Ann Tanner
125 Mrs. Wetherill
126 Larry Wetherill, Sr.
128 Edward Bond  ( Ed was the chief in the 50's)
130 James (Jimmie) Dugan
141 Jeanie Steward
148 Lawrence "Lar" Weathers
149 Mrs. Lawrence (Rose) Weathers
157 Pat McHale (believe they called him Patsy)