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Welcome to Oak Lawn

MTHS, under the direction of Steve Manning, has been working to spruce up the township-owned property at the corner of Rose Tree and Middletown Roads. The house, and several others which were donated along with 76 acres of historic property by the Smedleys, is in poor condition. Noting it’s historical value to the township, MTHS has been on a mission to stabilize the dwelling, and try and keep it as visually pleasing as possible.
Williamson College of the Trades Service Week

Middletown Township Historical Society was one of the nonprofit organizations selected to participate in the Williamson College of the Trades second annual Service Week.  The entire program involves over 250 students and about 50 faculty and staff who donate about 7,000 hours of service to the community.  Included in the benefit of this program is that the Williamson students learn about the benefit of giving back to their communities the value of service as a part of their lives.  The community learns more about Williamson and its outstanding mission of preparing qualified young men to be respected leaders and productive members of society. 

MTHS received much needed help in completing their commitment to Middletown Township to refurbish the exterior of Oak Lawn on the Smedley Tract.  In the four days the students worked at the house they accomplished what would have taken the historical society years to complete.  The students were able to replace the rear soffit, do extensive repairs to the front porch floor, porch steps and face of the porch, seal up all openings in the house, repair and paint the stucco, paint the front porch, and stabilize a rear canopy.  
Students working on Oak Lawn were:  Justin Drass, Yianni Eleutheriou, Devin Fox, Zach Mattox, C.J. Cardell, Chris Brawley, Carmen Cellini, and Ian Steveline; along with instructor Tim Burbage.

Members of the historical society worked along with the students or assisted in the project.  Steven Manning, board member and owner of The Restoration Fraternity, supervised the students in all aspects of the project.  Michael Benson brought his RV to the site for the four days, providing electrical power, water, and bathroom facilities for everyone.  In his spare time, he did some landscape work, as well.  Bruce Downing and Susan Mescanti were on site and were available when needed to pick up supplies or provide transportation.  Tony Ieradi stopped at the job pitching in with the work and making a run to the lumber yard, and Rick Bullen volunteered his time.
In the true spirit of community, Middletown Fire Company No. 1 brought the ladder truck to facilitate the repair of a large hole in the stucco at the peak of the house.
The historical society extends a heartfelt thank you to Williamson College of the Trades and these remarkable young men.
Would you like to help? Please download the attached donation letter. We could always use help, financial
or otherwise!

Proposed & in-progress work on Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn Slide Show

  • Prep & paint 5 window frames
  • Prep & paint front door
  • Install 5 faux window panels
  • Repair or replace shutters
  • Repair woodwork on front porch
  • Prep & paint front porch
  • Prep & paint porch tin roof
  • Masonry repairs to porch foundation & concrete slab
  • Prep & paint masonry walls on house and porch
  • Repair woodwork, prep & paint wood soffit

  • Prep & paint 4 window frames
  • Install 4 faux window panels
  • Repair, prep & paint roof rake boards
  • Repair, prep & paint masonry wall

RT 352 Side
  • Prep & paint 4 window frames
  • Install 4 faux window panels
  • Repair, prep &paint roof rake boards
  • Repair, prep & paint masonry wall
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